Sunday, November 2, 2014


The most common question I get from mainstream windows sheeple or apple cult members after I show them Linux is... WHY?

Why would anyone want to have to sift through thousands of distros to find the one or ones that suite their needs only to have to spend hours of searching Linux "how to's" and hours typing command lines and configuring grub files when you can just pay someone else to do all the thinking for you.

That's like asking a Harley motorcycle enthusiast "why ride a classic hog?" when you can drive the latest crossover suv with safety bags in every direction.

There's an old slogan that says, "IT'S THE THRILL OF THE CHASE".

Well, you can have some corporation do all the thinking, tweaking, customizing, branding, and then slap it into a package designed for the average sheeple and then charge you for that service. They do all the work, but they also take away the chase as well as the thrill that goes with it.

I am a Linux Rebel. I run a high powered AMD processor along with the latest Nvidia card all running with a dual boot Linux operating system (Linux Mint 17 and Lubuntu but that might change tomorrow or whenever I want). Interesting how I use and AMD processor, but yet use and Nvidia video card. See I'm not an AMD fanboy although the term fanboy is really meant for lovers of the Windows brand or Intel brand. And the Apple crowd is beyond fanboys. It's more of a religious cult following. And me, I choose my components based on what I feel is the best component, not because of what's popular. In addition, I had to invest time and mental energy to get my Linux machine up and running, but you get what you put into it. And besides setting up Linux has become much easier and the features of the Linux distros have become more powerful and versatile then ever.

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