Wednesday, August 12, 2015


A helpful way to think of Linux is to think of it as a hobby. Linux can be simple and fairly easy to install (Ubuntu or Mint for example), but it can also go very deep with options and configurations to keep most computer hobbyists (hackers) happy.

Video gaming is a hobby that requires that you pay $60 every time you need a new fix depending on how quickly you get bored of a game. Many gamers get bored in about 1-2 weeks. On the other hand, most Linux software is available for free, so you can explore new Linux distros and software anytime you get bored and it's won't cost you anything other than your time.

You don't need a 32 GB flash drive for Linux installation. A 8 GB or even 4 GB will do fine.

Linux Supply Kit

Before you get started, you will need to create a Linux Supply Kit. The supply kit will make Linux installation much quicker and easier. The kit consists of the following:

1 - USB Flash Drive (Also called USB thumb drive)

2 - Second hard drive (Optional)

The USB flash drive allows you to install and re-install Linux distros as fast and easy as plugging a USB device into your computer. The 2nd hard drive is to protect your existing important files (like photos, email, personal data) from being accidentally deleted when you install, upgrade, or change different versions of Linux. The 2nd hard drive does not need to be very large because it's just for your operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc.). It only has to be 40 to 80 GB depending on how many operating systems you want to install at a time. Bigger is of course better, but you can get away with 40 GB just fine. You can usually find a 250 GB on Craig's list for about $10 to $20, so it's not expensive to have piece of mind. Therefore, you don't really need a 2nd hard drive to start playing with Linux, but it gives extra protection for your important data files.

All in all, if you are going to dabble in the world of Linux, go out to the store (or shop online) and slap down a whole $5 to $10 for a flash drive and it will make your new Linux hobby that much more enjoyable.

2015 Linux Beast Magazine

Monday, July 6, 2015


Is Microsoft Windows really that bad?

The answer is no. I actually like Windows (and I don't work for Microsoft). I have really fond memories of XP and 7. In fact, the reason I love Linux is because the user interface is similar to Windows. If you can do Windows, you can do Linux. However, the setup of Linux can sometimes be challenging.

Windows - Not that bad. Stop giving Windows Fan Boys such a hard time.

Linux - Similar to Windows, but more flavors/options.

Mac - Don't know. Can't afford it. Makes good status symbol for young video producers who want to look cool on YouTube. Apple good for hipsters.

What is a Windows Fanboy?
A Windows fanboy is a person who absolutely loves Windows and will claim that it is the best operating system in the galaxy often overlooking any negative aspects of the software. They are likely to get into lively sometimes violent debates with Mac and Linux enthusiasts.

What is a hipster?
The hipster subculture typically consists of white millennials living in urban areas. The subculture has been described as a "mutating, trans-Atlantic melting pot of styles, tastes and behavior" and is broadly associated with indie and alternative music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility (including vintage and thrift store-bought clothes), generally progressive political views, organic and artisanal foods, and alternative lifestyles. Hipsters are typically described as affluent or middle class young Bohemians who reside in gentrifying neighborhoods.

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Linux vs Windows vs Mac

Linux vs Windows vs Mac

I love this video, but it is a little unfair to Linux. As you and I know, Linux can do everything the others can do except for gaming. Who cares about gaming anyway! That's why I bought my Sony Playstation 4. My PC is to create and my Playstation is to play. Pretty simple.

Food for thought . . .
Mac vs PC debate - Why do those Mac commercials attack PC's instead of attacking Windows directly. Afterall, a PC is a very popular platform for Linux!

Linux vs Windows vs Mac video

2015 Linux Beast Magazine

Sunday, November 2, 2014


The most common question I get from mainstream windows sheeple or apple cult members after I show them Linux is... WHY?

Why would anyone want to have to sift through thousands of distros to find the one or ones that suite their needs only to have to spend hours of searching Linux "how to's" and hours typing command lines and configuring grub files when you can just pay someone else to do all the thinking for you.

That's like asking a Harley motorcycle enthusiast "why ride a classic hog?" when you can drive the latest crossover suv with safety bags in every direction.

There's an old slogan that says, "IT'S THE THRILL OF THE CHASE".

Well, you can have some corporation do all the thinking, tweaking, customizing, branding, and then slap it into a package designed for the average sheeple and then charge you for that service. They do all the work, but they also take away the chase as well as the thrill that goes with it.

I am a Linux Rebel. I run a high powered AMD processor along with the latest Nvidia card all running with a dual boot Linux operating system (Linux Mint 17 and Lubuntu but that might change tomorrow or whenever I want). Interesting how I use and AMD processor, but yet use and Nvidia video card. See I'm not an AMD fanboy although the term fanboy is really meant for lovers of the Windows brand or Intel brand. And the Apple crowd is beyond fanboys. It's more of a religious cult following. And me, I choose my components based on what I feel is the best component, not because of what's popular. In addition, I had to invest time and mental energy to get my Linux machine up and running, but you get what you put into it. And besides setting up Linux has become much easier and the features of the Linux distros have become more powerful and versatile then ever.

2014 Linux Beast Magazine - Not your average Linux magazine

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I found the latest Nvidia driver for the Geforce GTX 750 Ti graphics card running on Linux. It's the 343.22 which replaces the 343.21 driver.

I loaded the driver and I am using it right now to create this post. I have not noticed any problems with the new driver. In fact, I haven't noticed any difference between the 343.22 and the previous 343.21.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Ton Roosendaal looks up to the rafters to see who dumped stuff on him
During a Blender Foundation conference, Blender Chairman Ton Roosendaal mentions Autodesk as he explains the topic of the Blender code ownership. Then he states the following:

Autodesk has a slogan: DON'T BLEND IN. STAND OUT. See photo. Yes, that is Ton Roosendaal in the photo. He looks 6 foot 5 inches tall.
What people don't know maybe... is that the Blender Code is not owned by the Blender Foundation.

As soon as he finishes that sentence, debris from the ceiling start to drop on his head as if someone had diliberatly pulled a string tied to a bucket that was centered exactly above his head. Was it Team Autodesk? Just kidding. I hope not.

Ton will wear a hard hat to his next Blender conference

See photo: Ceiling falls on Ton Roosendaal

Watch video: Ceiling falls on Ton Roosendaal

2014 Linux Beast Parody

Ceiling falls on Ton Roosendaal


Myuline Annatar 20 hours ago
What idiot tried cell fracture IRL?
Dudley S Shared on Google+ 21 hours ago
Tony Powell 1 day ago
Wow scary stuff, glad your alright Ton! Autodesk tried to take ya out but ya too fast for them!!! :)
Autodesk! Hilarious! Glad you're ok.
Steven LP 3 days ago
Probably a user of Max.
Adsk SuiteSpot 3 days ago
Wow, very close. Sorry, it wasn't us :-).  Good to see no harm done though
Adventures In Blender Shared on Google+ 3 days ago
Nothing serious. It's just a bug in the Fracture Modifier. ;) Hey, +Ton Roosendaal, we're glad you're safe.
Luis Voronov 3 days ago
Fuk that was so close. 
Adventures In Blender Shared on Google+ 3 days ago
Conspiracy theories :p
Matthieu Barbié 3 days ago
Autodesk lol !!!
voyageruk2002 3 days ago
rigid body simulation
resal13 3 days ago
not for those who watched closely, was scenario! :D
fintan boyle Shared on Google+ 4 days ago
"Blender code is not owned by Blender Foundation" yeah, but it's GPL, you don't own it too.
pmendes99 4 days ago
Conferences are dangerous, but fortunately in this case, not deadly. Happy that we still have our glorious leader among us :)
ll Fenex ll 4 days ago
Blender crashed!!, lol.
victormarcelo58 4 days ago
Muy bueno el programa pero no se puede hacer que aparezca en español? gracias!!!
theanimator108 4 days ago
VFX created in Bender?
LORD ODIN 4 days ago
so sad :'(
SyziphS 4 days ago
A demo of the new Fracture Modifier? Jokes aside, he's lucky to escape uninjured.
ThunderWork Studio Shared on Google+ 4 days ago Shared to Blenderholiker
Wer kennt das noch nicht? Er wurde von einen Stück der Decke getroffen!!
frez blend 4 days ago
the ice bucket challenge ^^
Thunder Draws 2 days ago
concrete challenge*
kilbeeu 4 days ago
Rule number 1: You do not talk about who owns the Blender Code.
carey g. butler 4 days ago
+kilbeeu You had me flinching there for a minute! ;-)
Thunder Draws 2 days ago
so that's what happens if you do..... O.O
joewVFX 4 days ago
"Increasing market share threats from the blender foundation causes autodesk employee to hide in roof ducts"
張展銘 4 days ago
Autodesk say : Next time will be head shot.
Saiful Bahrin 4 days ago
the assasssination..failed
Lebviero 4 days ago
Wouhaou ! A tuto please ;)
Blendtuts Shared on Google+ 4 days ago
Oh man! This is funny! I hope +Ton Roosendaal wasn't hurt! I love how he handled the situation, though :P Did you know Blender's source code is not owned by the Blender Foundation? Now you do! :) One of the video comments (some of them are hilarious): Luckily, Blender is more stable than that ceiling!
Reynante Martinez 4 days ago
Nothing serious. It's just a bug in the Fracture Modifier. ;) Hey, +Ton Roosendaal, we're glad you're safe.
Alex A. Buzek 4 days ago
¬¬ autodesk attempt
Elias Hardt 13 hours ago
Hope someone got that into the Bug-o-meter before this...
Esteban Salazar 4 days ago
Autodesk!!!Blame Autodesk!!!
ast r 4 days ago
Next up they are showcasing the new fracture modifier branch, so this will give the audience something to compare it to. ;)
Garrett Williams 4 days ago
One of the things the Blender Institute handles is "risky projects", such as open films and standing in that specific spot.
Thunder Draws 2 days ago
yeah, the second one is much more risky though.
masterxeon1001 4 days ago
oh snap! we gotta protect Ton!
Clint Ronnow 4 days ago
OKAY!!! Who forgot to tell Gawd to change the left mouse button all you need to do is go to preferences?
Roger Menzi 4 days ago
Fortunately, Blender is more stable than the ceiling
Bob Bobby 4 days ago
Autodesk owns the ceiling.
Thunder Draws 2 days ago
good to know xD
jimmacfx 4 days ago
EmpathyWorks 4 days ago
MAn Down!!!
Starius2 4 days ago
Lol. Maybe this funny happenstance will get people who don't know what blender is, interested in it now.
Andreas Walsh 4 days ago
Now I can't stop wondering - who IS the code owned by?
Garrett Williams 4 days ago
The community. No single entity owns it. All users are free to do whatever they want with it, even change the code and redistribute it, as long as the license remains unchanged.
Adrian 4 days ago
+Garrett Williams Phew, thank god. I was worried he had upset some powerful entity by revealing that.
onjoFilms 4 days ago
It was God.  He was surprised as we all were, that the "code is not owned by the Blender Foundation" ...earthquake.
TheComputadude 4 days ago
Maybe he forgot what frame he started the particles at ;)
PandaHero 4 days ago
Blender = particle simulation + physics + green screen vfx =)
Dale Forbes 4 days ago
Gotta love how Ton handled that.
Jules Verne 4 days ago
Just change the Breaking Threshold, it'll be fine.
MillionthVector 4 days ago
Autodesk assassination attempt.
Lcq92 ! 4 days ago
TheComputadude 4 days ago
Poyoarya 4 days ago
Goodness me, that could have been pretty serious if he was hit on the head. Good thing that the shoulder is so well-stabilised and protected!
Stupid autodesk, you made him look bad! Woogley woogley
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