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New Linux Windows 8 Wallpaper

Linux 8 Wallpaper - Spoof of Windows 8

New - Linux Poker Face

Windows vs Linux wallpaper - poker match

New - Smart Phones - Stupid People - Wallpaper

High Def Wallpaper - Stupid guy with a smartphone

New - Linux Founding Father - Linus Torvalds - Portrait wallpaper
High Definition Wallpaper of Linus Torvalds - Black and White - Line Art

New - 3D Printed Linux Penguin wallpaper
High Def 3D Printed Linux Penguin Wallpaper

Linux Penguin Tux Wallpaper!

New Tux the Linux Penguin 3D Wallpaper
Just a quick post to give you guys my latest Linux Penguin Wallpaper. Ok, have fun with it.

Check out the new Mars Wallpaper for your computer!

Mars how hiring - HD wallpaper - 1920 x 1080 - uploaded 9/14/14

World Runs on Linux Wallpaper - 1680 x 1050 - uploaded 9/9/2014

1. Linux Penguin on the toilet download 1280 x 960 pixels - download

linux penguin on toilet

2. Snowman on top of mountain 1280 x 800 pixels - download now

snowman on top of mountain

2014 Linux Beast Magazine - The Linux Beast - Linux Cave

1 comment:

  1. Ok, the snowman was stupid. The penguin on the toilet was funny. And the penguin in space was pretty cool. I set that as my wallpaper. Thanks, Lisa