Thursday, October 9, 2014


Is that what you want? Long lines of sheeple waiting to buy Linux?
Linux Goes Mainstream. Yee Ha!!!


We don't want Linux to go mainstream. Or at least I don't.

I want Linux to have a strong following, but I would never want it to be mainstream. Unless a miracle happens and mankind (and womankind) becomes smart, logical creatures, then and only then would mainstream be okay.

The Penguin Sleeps - This is what Mainstream Linux will look like.
If I want mainstream I can buy Windows (I used to do that) or I can sell my car and use that as a down-payment for an Apple product (I would never do that). In all fairness, Windows is not all that bad (except for Vista). The big problem with Windows is that they try to make it idiot proof and they land up with a product that becomes difficult to use for more savy computer users as well as for computer idiots. For example, in Linux, all the settings apps (control panel) stuff is located in one simple folder. In Windows you have to go on a long (idiot proof) journey to get to the section of control panel that you need.

Ok, the comment section is open. Leave your thoughts on Linux going mainstream.

2014 Linux-Beast Magazine - Linux-Beast - Linux Cave

New Windows 8 Wallpaper for your computer!


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