Tuesday, September 16, 2014


The 3D Printed Penguin Wallpaper is now available!
Just think, one day 3D printers will be as common as ink jet printers. And instead of having to drive down to the Dollar store to pick up a cheap stuffed animal, you can simple hit the print button on your computer. Let's compare that for a second. Instead of spending 30 minutes and 10 dollars on a cheap plastic toy, you can now spend several days staring at your computer screen building a computer model and thousands of dollars on a printer. You saved neither time nor money, but hey, you didn't have to leave the house. No, but seriously, I think the ability to print out your 3D creations at home is a very exciting and powerful way of the future.

3D Printed Linux Penguin
3D Printed Car

2014 Linux Beast Magazine - The Linux Beast - Linux Cave

3D Printer - 3D Printed Penguin

9/18/14 Update - New 3D Printer Wallpaper is now availible.

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