Sunday, September 21, 2014


New 2014 Linus Torvalds portrait artwork

Linux Line Art - Linus Torvalds

For those that don't know, Mr. Linus Torvalds is the founding father of the operating system called Linux. He led the development of the Linux Kernel. He was born in 1969, so he is still relatively young. Linux is based on a system of updates called software forks. The artwork is a humorous combination of Linus Torvalds flipping off (or throwing a finger) with fork substituted for the F word.

Linus Torvalds Portrait Artwork

2014 Linux Beast Magazine - The Linux Beast - Linux Cave

There's a new drink in town called the Linux Beast Energy Drink.

Do you like this image? Here's a free wallpaper version that you can set at your desktop background. The BIG FINGER in your face will sure get the attention of friends that see it on your computer screen. Download: Linus Torvalds Portrait Line Art Wallpaper

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