Saturday, September 13, 2014


The world runs on Linux
Download the World Runs on Linux Wallpaper - 1680 x 1050

Most websites are hosted by Unix servers. Unix is an operating system like windows for example. Most of these Unix websites are a flavor of Unix called Linux. Linux is a free open source operating software driven by two types of people. Really smart people who desire a powerful but stable state of the art platform for demanding application like 3D modeling software (the world runs on linux wallpaper was created using Blender 2.71 running on a Linux OS) The other type of person are those who can't afford to pay money for an operating system. There is actually a third type who is a combination of the first two: Smart and poor.

Linux eats the web server market like Pacman?

According to, 67 percent of web servers are running some type of Unix operation system. And then out of those computers, 55 percent are using Linux, which is a subcatagory of Unix. I guess that really does put the little peguin (tux) on top of the world. However, just because Linux is great at running big powerful web servers does not mean it doesn’t make a great desktop operating system, because it does.

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The World Runs on Linux - Linux eats web server market like Pacman

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