Friday, September 19, 2014


Update: 10/1/14 - Hot Yoga Pants

hot yoga pants at 3 o'clock in the morning
Joke of the day
Ok, three operating systems go for a walk. It's Windows, Mac, and Linux. One is too skinny, the other is too fat, and the third is just right. Can you guess which is which? See photo below:

Yoga Pants Becoming Popular with the Linux Crowd!

Whether you like to wear them or you just enjoy watching people parade around in these tight fitting legwear, they are certainly a hot new trend among Linux users.
Yoga pants are popular with the linux users!

Remember Spandex?
Remember Spandex pants from the 80's?

Yoga Pants are like the new Spandex pants except people are wearing them to more places and far more often than they did with Spandex. They are wearing Yoga pants to school, work, and even church nowadays.

hot yoga pants
more hot yoga pants

What do you think of Yoga Pants? Do you like funny yoga pants?

Please leave your comments below.

2014 Linux Beast Magazine - The Linux Beast - Linux Cave


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  3. Good to know about yoga pants trending with Linux users. Going to buy few alo yoga pants. As planning to join my sister’s yoga class soon. She is also using those same pants and very happy with them. Will have them for myself too.

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